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Universities & Courses with Internship Programs for International Students


As a graduate student, internships can be a vital link for an all-in-one transition from your college campus to a high paying job. Internships while studying abroad help you gain real world experience by developing essential skills that employers look for - confidence, communication, professionalism and work ethics.

Being an intern adds significant value to your resume and helps you build a professional network, ultimately enhancing the chances of getting your dream job.

Quick Facts

Some internships are paid while others help you to earn academic credits.

The duration and stipend vary depending on the university or the organization.

Semester internships are available during spring, summer, fall, and winter semesters.

You can opt for paid or unpaid internships and prepare for a global career while you are pursuing the program, during the vacation, or soon after graduation.

The internships abroad usually last an entire semester and some may even last an entire year. The longer duration programs help you to explore the work processes and acquire the technical know-how.

Internships may be part-time or full-time. They are usually part-time during a university semester and full-time during the summer, winter or Easter holidays.

Get a glimpse of some international universities of repute that offer internships as a part of their course curriculum for international students who aim to study abroad.
To know more, book a Free Counseling Session with our Career Advisors who will give you detailed guidelines regarding the programs.

Search Internships by Destination

Staffordshire University

Course Name

  1. MSc Computer Science
  2. MSc Computer Games Programming
  3. MSc Computer Networks & Security
  4. MSc Telecommunication Engineering

University of Leicester

Course Name

  1. MSc Advanced Computational Methods
  2. MSc Advanced Computer Science
  3. MSc Advanced Distributed Systems
  4. MSc Advanced Software Engineering
  5. MSc Agile Software Engineering Techniques
  6. MSc Cloud Computing
  7. MSc Software Engineering for Financial Services
  8. MSc Web Applications and Services

University of South Wales

Course Name

  1. MSc Mobile and Satellite Communications

University of East London

Course Name

  1. MSc Computer Science
  2. MSc Information Security and Digital Forensics
  3. MSc Construction Management
  4. MSc Structural Engineering
  5. MSc Civil Engineering
  6. MBA

University of Essex

Course Name

  1. MSc Economics with Professional Placement
  2. MSc International Accounting and Banking with placement
  3. MA Translation and Professional Practice with placement

University of Victoria

Course Name

  1. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Co-op)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (Co-op)
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (Co-op)
  4. Bachelors in Physics and Astronomy (Co-op)
  5. Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Engineering (Co-op)

Lakehead University

Course Name

  1. Bachelor of Science-Computer Science (Co-op)
  2. BSc Honours in Computer Science (Co-op)
  3. BSc Honours in Environmental Management (Co-op)
  4. Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology (Co-op)
  5. BSc Honours in Physics (Co-op)

Capilano University

Course Name

  1. Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Tourism Marketing and Development (Co-op)

George Brown College

Course Name

  1. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting (Co-op)
  2. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Human Resources (Co-op)
  3. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (Co-op)
  4. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op)

Niagara College

Course Name

  1. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op)
  2. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Human Resources (Co-op)
  3. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op)
  4. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting (Co-op)

University of Massachusetts Boston

Internships/Co-ops available for Undergraduate programs

Placement Period: 1 Semester


  1. Are usually part-time with flexible hours
  2. Can be paid or unpaid positions
  3. Typically, last for one semester

University of Cincinnati, Ohio

Course Name

  1. B. Arch

Placement Period: 4.5 Months (one full semester term) - Cooperative Education

INTO Marshall University

Internships available for all Undergraduate and Graduate Pathway Programs

Placement Period: 10 - 12 weeks

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Course Name

  1. MBA

Placement Period: 6 Months - Corporate Residency

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Internships/Co-ops available for Graduate Engineering programs

  1. Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Electrical engineering

Griffith University, Australia (CRICOS Code 00233E)

Course Name

  1. Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
  2. Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Internships available in the below study fields

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Economics
  4. Tourism and Hotel
  5. Management Courses

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia (CRICOS Code 00111D)

Course Name

  1. Master of Marketing (Professional)
  2. Master of Human Resource Management (Professional)
  3. Master of Finance and Banking (Professional) and many more

Placement period: One semester or equivalent

Flinders University, Australia (CRICOS Code 00114A)

Course Name

  1. Master of Public Administration

James Cook University, Brisbane, Australia (CRICOS Code 00117J)

Course Name

  1. Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  2. Bachelor of Business (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
  3. Bachelor of Business (International Business)
  4. Bachelor of Business (Management)
  5. Master of Business Administration (Leadership) and many more.

Placement period: 10 weeks

Charles Sturt University, Study Centres, Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney)

(CRICOS Code 00005F)

Internship offered after the completion of graduation

  1. Placement period: 12 weeks

Le Cordon Bleu, Australia (CRICOS Code 02380M)

Course Name

  1. Advance Diploma of Hospitality Management

Placement period: 6 months

National College of Ireland

Course Name

  1. BSc (Hons) Computing
  2. BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems

Placement period: 6 months

Griffith College

Course Name

  1. BSc (Hons) Computing Science

Placement period: 6 months

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Course Name

  1. BBS International Hotel Management
  2. BComm International Hotel Management

Placement Period: 12 months after completion of 1st year and 9 months after completion of 4th year

Trinity College Dublin

Course Name

  1. Master in Computer Science (MCS)
  2. Master in Engineering (MAI)

Placement Period: 6 months

Dublin Business School

Course Name

  1. BA (Hons) Business (Work Placement)

Placement Period: 1 Year


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