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The Complete Guide to Study in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in the Southeast Asia region, a country to keep an eye on in the decades to come. Vietnam is also not short of prospective educational and career opportunities; all credit goes to its recent economic growth.

As one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia and home to two of the most dynamic cities in the world, Vietnam has some of the most extraordinary opportunities for student learning. This country has many higher education institutions, including public and private universities, each offering a wide variety of specialized programs, including science, information and communication technologies, finance, accounting, as well as engineering and international studies. The best part is that most programs are taught in English.

Friendly people, affordable living, and beautiful landscapes make Vietnam a standout choice among Southeast Asian study abroad destinations.

Why Study in Vietnam?

Known for its rigorous curriculum, Vietnam is considered competitive among international students. Vietnam’s higher education universities & institutions offer a wide range of programs taught in English.

Leading universities and institutions have started recruiting international students for study in Vietnam owing to its fast growth in the economy and globalization.

Vietnam’s degrees have a global acceptance. The country seems to have something to teach everyone.

Irrespective of your field of choice, Vietnam is likely to show up on your radar in some form or another for bright career prospects.

Vietnam for International Students

Vietnam is a cheap destination for studying, traveling, and living as compared to most other Asian countries. Studying in Vietnam is also an attractive proposition for international students due to a large number of international programs offered there. Many Institutions provide internships to students as part of their program allowing them to earn through internships and continue with their studies in Vietnam. Students can also pick up part-time jobs to be financially independent. So, in a nutshell, Vietnam is a pocket friendly option when it comes to fulfilling one’s study abroad dreams.

Cost of Education in Vietnam

The cost of studying in Vietnam is affordable as compared to other study abroad destinations like Australia and the UK. Tuition fees for the international students is between USD 12,000 to USD 21,000 per year for bachelor’s and minimum USD 10,000 for Masters. The living expenses vary depending upon the lifestyle and accommodation and may range between USD 700 to USD 1,400 per month.

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Universities & Courses

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High Ranked Universities

FPT Education Global

University of Greenwich (Vietnam)

Swinburne University of Technology (Vietnam)

Popular Courses

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Software Engineering

Information and Communication Technology

Partner Institutions

RMIT University, Vietnam Campus

FPT University, Vietnam

Swinburne University of Technology, Vietnam Campus

Vietnam Scholarships

Scholarships can be a great help in planning the financial aspects for education overseas, especially if you have a restrictive financial plan to invest in higher studies.

To ensure an upsurge in the number of international students, the universities and colleges all over the world are providing an increased number of international scholarships. From programs and majors specific to general study abroad scholarships, there is something for everyone.

Vietnam Internships

As a graduate student, internships can prove to be a vital link for a seamless transition from your college campus to a high paying job. Internships while studying abroad help you gain real world experience by developing essential skills that employers look for - confidence, communication, professionalism and work ethics.

Education Loan Services

Studying abroad is an important decision and the ultimate deciding factor for sure will be the financial aspect as the cost to study abroad and other related expenses vary from country to country, university to university, and also depend upon the course you want to pursue.

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